3 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude Daily

Gratitude is vital to overall well-being, supporting healthy relationships, work-life balance, physical and mental health, self-esteem, energy, resilience, relaxation, and so much more. Read on to learn more about steps to practice gratitude in your daily life.

Write it down

A gratitude journal doesn't have to be a major undertaking. Simply get yourself a dedicated notebook and write one thing you're grateful for each day with the date. Start small—you can be grateful for a sunny day or your delicious morning coffee.

As you feel compelled, you can also take time to meditate on elements of your life sometimes taken for granted, such as your home and all its amenities or the food in your pantry. Consider all the disparate forces that came together to create the abundance you enjoy. Setting aside time to appreciate this abundance will certainly make you feel fulfilled.

Thank the people around you

When was the last time you verbally thanked your coworkers? Your friends? Your family? It might sound a little peculiar, but you'll be amazed at the positive effects this simple practice can have. Without prompting, tell a colleague or employee that you appreciate all their hard work and watch their face light up. Thank your family members and friends for all they do for you. Write a letter to a long-distance friend you haven't seen in a while, thanking them for their positive influence on your life. 

Treat your body well 

Express gratitude to your body by moving it in ways that feel good and eating nutritious food. Remind yourself that your body is capable. At Trilogy, we offer personal and group training, fitness classes, Qigong, massage therapy, chiropractic services and more to easily help you maximize your potential in this area.

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