5 Tips for Student Athletes to Keep Stress at Bay in Los Gatos


If you're currently a student athlete, then you know a thing or two about stress. After all, you're balancing coursework with work on the court or field. While working out your body and mind may have you in tip-top shape, you're also more prone to feeling burned out or overwhelmed. Thankfully, we know a thing or two about stress and can provide you with the resources to manage it.

1. Maintain a Schedule

If you find that you have many things to do but very little time, then make sure that you're staying organized. You'll feel the stress practically melt away as you check off your obligations and finally have a moment to rest or catch up with friends. 

2. Get Enough Sleep

If you find yourself cramming for finals, keep in mind that getting sufficient sleep often leads to better grades. This can be hard with a full schedule but made easier when you plan ahead, remain realistic and lessen social activities during exam periods.

3. De-Stress

So, you're sleeping well and you're diligently updating your planner but you're still feeling stressed. So, what should you do? How about taking part in a few de-stressing activities? We suggest trying yoga, which may lower your stress, reduce your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. Not to mention, it's also fun! We offer activities such as Life Force Movement—which combines Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga-inspired movements—right in our Los Gatos center. 

4. Eat Well

It can be easy to follow the crowd and fill up on pizza and burgers. However, these foods aren't smart choices as an athlete and cravings for them are often the result of stress. Follow your gut and eat foods that will make you feel energized throughout the day, such as nuts and fresh fruit high in vitamin C.

5. Listen to Your Body

When something feels "off" with your body, don't ignore it! Instead, have yourself checked out with a doctor and follow-up with a chiropractor or massage therapist if necessary. We happen to offer both in our team of health professionals.

Overall, it's vital that you don't ignore stress and, instead, fight against it in healthy ways. For more information on the resources and activities offered atTrilogy Fitness and Wellbeing, check out our class schedule, where we offer something for everyone including group training and fitness classes.

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