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Injury prevention and recovery training are now essential, not an afterthought.

Athletes that perform physical training experience less fatigue and faster recovery, they can practice longer, they have fewer injuries, and they have greater overall confidence, all of which give them an edge to win. Elite athletes look at their bodies’ fitness and health as an investment.

We asked ourselves, “What would it take to help you be prepared to win every time you competed?”

Achieving elite performance is personal. Every athlete faces challenges, and every athlete needs different solutions. Sports injuries negatively impact an athlete both physically and mentally. Inconsistent strength training and poor commitment to recovery training make injuries more common and harder to overcome. Furthermore, student-athletes are under more pressure than ever before, balancing their sport with academics, sleep, and other social demands.

Trilogy is committed to helping you win in your sport and at life. Trilogy makes this possible through personalized functional fitness-style training plans. The best athletes treat injury-prevention training and recovery training as an essential part of a balanced attack. Trilogy tailors this training precisely to your needs as an athlete. To be the best, you have to train like the best, and that’s where Trilogy comes in.

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We love doing what we do, and we love the results our athletes achieve


Lindsay D., Professional Volleyball Player

I’ve broken personal records that I never even thought I’d be capable of. I highly recommend training at Trilogy. I’ve seen a massive improvement on my mind and body, and that is something that I hope for everyone to experience.


Danny M., Professional Baseball Player

When I first stepped foot inside Trilogy, I was taken aback by the state-of-the-art facilities/equipment, cleanliness, variety of training/recovery resources, and most importantly professionalism from the staff…I truly believe Trilogy needs to be and will be the new gym for ALL elite athletes in the Bay Area.

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