Be Your Own Kind Of Perfection

Perfection. You've heard the word. You may have been killing yourself to live by it too. Humans are continually reaching for the perfect job, house, body, or social circle. As a society, we strive for constant success because we are bred to believe perfection exists. Stephen Hawking said, "One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn't exist. Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist."

Today and from here on out try being your kind of perfection. Try every day to better yourself through the things you love or make you happy because striving for anyone else's version of perfection other than your own is a waste of time. Today, begin discovering things that you genuinely like and create your perfection. If you fail, it's ok to cry or get mad, but don't quit. Wipe the sweat or tears away and keep moving. Making mistakes does not make anyone incompetent or unworthy. Instead, mistakes give us more opportunity to succeed in being the best version of ourselves. Were you late to work? It happens; keep working. Gained some weight and didn't like it? Ok, eat healthily and exercise. Do you snort when you laugh? Who cares! Keep laughing. Laughing means you're happy. Never stop being happy!

Imperfection is not a bad word. In fact, we should embrace imperfection because it is what makes us amazing! A flower is still beautiful with an imperfect petal or two. Perfectionism creates this void that we can never fill, and in time, we begin to stop challenging ourselves because of the fear of failing and not being perfect. Remember, perfection does not exist. How you look, work, and act should be on your terms. Setting unrealistic expectations based on the thoughts of others is paralyzing. Own yourself! Own your imperfections and be your kind of perfection.

Embrace your perfect imperfections!

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