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Get started with Trilogy today! Trilogy's world-class fitness specialists are committed to helping you achieve your fitness, health, and wellbeing goals. Use the button below or call us at (408) 560-3785 to book your free Fitness Consultation and Personalized Fitness Plan! Note: if you are interested in any of Trilogy's services, the first step is to complete your free Fitness Consultation.

During this introductory consultation, we will discuss your goals, complete a Functional Movement Screening, and personalize your path towards achieving your fitness and wellbeing goals.

What our members say...


Jennifer B.

From the front desk staff who remember not only my name and other small details about my life to the owners who thank me by name for choosing their gym to all the trainers who go out of their way for fun banter and encouragement at the right time, my expectations have been blown away. I know that when I walk through the doors now, I'm not just walking into a gym/training facility, I'm walking into a community of people who truly care about the fitness, health, and well being of every member. Love, love, love this place!!!!


Lauren P.

I tried Trilogy on their opening weekend and immediately cancelled my other gym membership. Their group classes are amazing no matter which coach you have! Trilogy is my new second home.


Andy H.

Trilogy is by far the nicest gym I have ever been to. Ben Trapp has trained me on proper form and gotten me to the best shape of my life in a matter of months. This is my spot!


Amy C.

My 12 year old son takes boxing lessons with Nate Moore at Trilogy. My son has not historically enjoyed sports of any kind, and getting enough physical activity for him has been a huge challenge for our family. But the boxing sessions with Nate have completely turned this around. For whatever reason, boxing is the sport that clicks most for my child - but it still could have gone poorly without the right trainer. Nate is encouraging and patient but also pushes my son enough that he makes progress. It's a delicate balance and very hard to do well, especially with kids who feel unsure about their physical abilities. My son not only goes enthusiastically to his boxing sessions every week, he's taken up jogging to improve his conditioning for boxing. This is a kid who would have insisted he's not athletic just a few weeks ago!

The Trilogy gym is a nice, clean and modern facility. Everyone has been super friendly. Another reviewer said it has a nice vibe, and that is spot-on. You can just feel it when you walk in the door.

Very much recommended!



Loving this gym so far!! Trilogy has personal training and group classes. I had a complimentary assessment and a complimentary session with a personal trainer before making a decision to sign up. I felt that was a good option for clients because  personal training is always expensive and it's best to work with the trainer before making a decision to carry on. And I LOVE my trainer Madison! Not only does she kick my butt constantly during classes she's also super knowledgeable! She corrects my form and knows exactly when I'm squeezing the right muscle or not (yes I'm talking about my glutes and deadlifts haha) she also provides great tips on stretching and cool down. The best part of working out with her, is her making me accountable with the food I eat, she checks in with me during the week which I really appreciate and like. Trilogy also has a LOT of spaces to train freely, they actually have 3 gym areas each focusing on different things so it has equipment to fit everyone's need. I definitely recommend them! And the owners are super nice and friendly too! I always prefer family owned gyms to corporate shops!