Compound Interest – For Your Health

We understand the concept of compound interest when it comes to finances. Over time, small financial investments add up to large sums of money. Retirement programs depend upon this. You don't give up your retirement fund three weeks after starting it because it hasn't grown enough. Instead, you trust the process and you continue to add to it, knowing that by the time you're ready for retirement, the amount will have grown considerably.

It works the same way with your health.

You can't start today and expect big changes tomorrow. Health and fitness depend upon compound interest. Over time, those daily investments—healthy eating, massage and relaxation, appropriate rest, and exercise—add up to a fitter, healthier you.

No one pores over their retirement account every day. Checking it on a daily basis is a waste of time, because you won't see big changes from day to day. You just keep making the investments, occasionally taking a look to see how the account is doing.

Again, that's how it is with your fitness journey. If you're weighing yourself or examining your reflection every day, you're missing the opportunity to notice the big changes taking place over time. Simply put in the work today, then do it again tomorrow. At the end of the month, test your body fat percentage. After three months, compare your "before" picture. After a year, do another fitness test and see how much stronger and faster you are than you were the day you started.

The time is passing anyway. If you're making daily investments in your health, growth will happen over time. It has to. Trust the power of compound interest, and see what happens after a month, a year, five years. You'll be amazed at how much you grow when you give it the time it needs to happen.

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