Enjoy the Pie Without the Punishment

The holidays are a time of celebration, and for many of us that means friends, family, and some indulgent meals. But just because you helped yourself to an extra serving of creamy mashed potatoes at the dinner table, it doesn't mean you should be trying to compensate with a more grueling workout than your body is used to. In fact, overexerting yourself after the holidays can have some unintended negative consequences. Here are just a few reasons to enjoy your pie without the punishment:

You're at risk for Injuries

You might be tempted to push yourself at the gym to "make up" for those holiday cookies, but working out for longer periods of time, or working out at a higher intensity, can lead to serious injuries. According to MedlinePlus.com, some of the most common exercise injuries are due to "pushing your body too hard,  or too quickly" and "doing an exercise that is too strenuous for your level of fitness." Your intention may be to "undo the damage" of your holiday meal, but a strain or sprain will end up keeping you from your fitness routine for longer, and will do a lot more harm than a cookie ever could.

It doesn't work

Studies show that over-exercise isn't effective for weight loss, and may actually cause inflammation. If you're pushing yourself too hard, too fast, you won't have the benefits of a regular exercise routine that is calibrated to your unique fitness needs. Your body will be so busy fighting inflammation that it could potentially negatively affect your metabolism, and your cortisol (stress hormone) production may actually increase.

You're putting yourself in the wrong mind-frame

The holidays are here for us to enjoy. If every indulgence is met with guilt and punishment, you're not going to be fully present, and you won't be making the kind of lasting memories that we cherish this time of year. Let go of the guilt so you can relax with loved ones and really soak in the holiday spirit.

This holiday season don't punish yourself with a longer, harder workout- instead, make some amazing memories, and focus on a fitness routine that keeps you healthy in body and mind. For more information on finding the right fit for you, visit our class schedule or contact us today!

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