Fitness in Motion: Why Movement and Mobility Matter

At Trilogy Fitness in Los Gatos, our family of fitness lovers is always on the go. Athletes crave adrenaline and relish each new challenge. But why is movement and mobility so important in our quest for ongoing health and wellness? 

Check out these key reasons why motion is vital to achieving our fitness goals.

The Science of Motion

Many are surprised to learn that mobility, like strength, is a skill that requires conscious training and daily commitment. Even the most dedicated athletes can find themselves prone to injury when overall kinetic motion is lacking. Stress fractures, pulled muscles, and soreness are all indicative of too much exertion and too little mobility. Practicing your flow can enhance stamina and improve performance.

A recent study found that the core components of improved motion are flexibility and stability. The former can be achieved by incorporating a variety of stretches, aerobics, and Qi-Gong into your daily routine. Warm ups and cool downs are critical in avoiding injury as well as conditioning your joints. The latter involves muscle control to fine tune your movements. Together, these key components work to better overall athletic ability. 

Not All Movement is Equal

You may have heard the term "variability" or "movement variability" thrown around in the fitness community. Navigating the ground rules for improved movement can be overwhelming. A good guideline is to strive for a diverse workout regime. Repetitive exercise is kind of like eating the same thing every day. Your body requires versatility to move each and every muscle, joint, and ligament.

This is why cross training is so important for athletes. HIIT classes are a great way to combine a core workout with a variety of stretches and muscle control exercises. If cardio is your gym fav, be sure to mix up your routine with quality stretching and movement like Life Force Movement. Don't be afraid to pick up a weight, even if you're a strength training newbie! Likewise, muscle focused athletes should try incorporating exercises that focus on building motion rather than pure exertion, our Kettlebell Flow class is perfect if you are looking for a mix of weights and yoga-style movements! 

If you're unsure of where to start on implementing a mobility routine, our expert personal trainers can identify a program that works best for you. Contact us today for your free assessment and put your fitness goals into motion!

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