Five Amazing Health Benefits of Beans

Health and fitness is a big picture kind of subject. You can work out all you want, but unless you embrace holistic practices that promote good mental health and proper nutrition, any gains that you make will be superficial.

For peak physical performance you have to feed your body and your mind. One of the best foods that you can eat in order to promote personal health and fitness is a mix of beans and legumes.   

What are the Health Benefits of Beans?  
They are a protein filled vegetable  

Beans are a rare occurrence in the vegetable world. They are packed full of healthy, muscle building protein. As a result, beans are often a staple food for vegetarians and vegans. But that doesn't mean you have to limit your diet in order to gain those health benefits. Beans offer lean, healthy protein without all the fat included with most meats.   

They promote weight loss  

Beans not only contain lots of protein, they are also loaded with dietary fiber to help keep you lean and trim. As an added bonus, they contain almost zero fat. The calories from beans are good, power-packed calories. Unlike many "health-conscious" snacks, beans are filling due to their high fiber and protein content. They'll leave you full and satisfied without need for additional snacks.  

They are heart healthy  

Cholesterol is something else that beans don't have. They lack the artery-clogging substances that so many other foods are loaded with. Not only that, but the nutrients contained within most beans lower existing cholesterol, and help to reduce your blood pressure.   

They can reduce your risk of cancer  

Beans are also a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential for your body in order to reduce the presence of free radicals which are linked to cancer and signs of premature aging. A regular serving of beans a few times a week helps to drastically reduce your risk of developing cancer.   

They help regulate blood sugar  

Beans are a great diabetic-friendly food. The protein contained in beans and legumes, coupled with complex carbohydrates which break down slowly, helps to balance your blood sugar level. Even if you aren't diabetic, maintaining proper blood sugar can help give you more energy and focus in the long run.   

Building Proper Nutrition   

In our increasingly hectic lives, busy professionals are looking more and more to find healthy meal and snack alternatives that provide energy, taste good, and won't break your wallet. Beans and legumes provide the perfect mix of all three to help you ensure good nutrition. For the physical and mental health aspect of your personal fitness, consider Trilogy fitness, and check out a schedule of our classes to find a program that fits you.

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