Functional Fitness Training

Tyler is a real renaissance man who listens to his body and responds with whatever it’s calling for – from heavy lifting to Qigong to self-myofascial relief and functional range conditioning. His priority is helping his clients maintain a healthy life.

What kind of activities does your life consist of? Perhaps you are a software engineer who enjoys playing a round of golf on the weekends? Perhaps you stay at home raising your three children. Maybe you’re retired and have the desire to pick up a new hobby or simply just want to keep up with your grandkids.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing with your body constitutes what “functional movement” means for you. If you are that software engineer one could say that more likely than not you are spending much of your time on a computer. In the position of “being on a computer”, one is seated (mostly), with the hips and spine in a flexed position with the arms extended in the front of your body to bring your shoulders forward.

You are likely drawing your face closer to the computer screen to focus on what you are doing. This is your daily position. So, if this position is constantly where you are, and you will need to continue to be in this position for many more years, then it would be of utmost importance to make sure that your body doesn’t create a chronic condition from being in this seated position so much.

So how do we do this?

Well, with movement, a prescription is created for this particular individual that both reverses the effects of being seated so much (i.e., tight hips, tight quads, tight thoracic spine, tight shoulders, under active posterior chain, and generally poor posture) and also enhances one’s posture at work!

The enhancement to this posture through exercise is what will allow for a more durable body and will prevent unwanted conditions.

The type of movements/exercises used to enhance one’s posture and reverse poor conditions is called Functional Training.

Through a holistic approach we are guiding someone through exercises that are directly applicable to enhancing that person’s life by reversing unwanted conditions and optimizing the individual’s desires. So, the same software engineer would benefit greatly by using functional movement to first open up their poor posture that was created by their static day job and then using other functional exercises to prepare for and enhance their common position as they are playing golf.

The stay at home parent is constantly picking up children or bending down to them. Functional training for that individual would look very similar to the particular movements they are using frequently throughout their days, but now the exercises are controlled and possibly loaded with resistance to then prevent any possible injury or chronic condition from picking up or kneeling down to their child in the future.

As a grandparent, maybe just being able to walk alongside your grandchild to and from the park is what your desire is. Or going up and down the stairs at your house. The point being, whatever you do AND whatever you would like to do will need to be prepared for and sustainable for as long as you have the desire to live your life.

This is how Functional Fitness Training allows you to live YOUR life and thrive.

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