How To Increase Brain Power

We have four interesting ways that our brain power can be increased!

#1: Move Your Glymph, Flush Your Lymph
Glymphatic fluid is the plasma that washes your brain. It is in your spine and cranium, and it does most of its work during deep sleep. Rhythmic movement of the spine and neck, spinal mobility, and deep sleep all help to move more glymph. A special Ayurvedic treatment called Nasya can help to decongest this fluid as well.

Lymphatic fluid is the plasma that washes out the cellular wastes of the rest of your body. Unlike blood, lymph has no pump, so it relies on the physical motion of the body to move. Moving the body often in easy ways is the best way to move lymph. Taking breaks from desk work to go for a short walk or do some gentle qigong movements will keep your lymph circulating, and thus your cells sparkling clean, all day.

Both the glymph and the lymph empty into the large intestine, where they ultimately release the toxins through bowel movements. Keeping the bowels moving regularly will have an upstream cleansing effect on the brain and body.

#2: Charge Your Batteries
Your body is 70% water. Water acts as a battery that holds an electrical charge by taking a form called “Exclusion Zone Water” or EZ Water. Your cellular power plants (Mitochondria) use this electric charge, combined with oxygen, to make ATP (cellular energy molecule). Since your brain is a power hungry computing unit, with thousands of mitochondria per neuron, it is essential to brain power to have the mitochondria running on all cylinders.

Your body makes EZ Water from collagen piezoelectricity generated by knocking on, shaking, and otherwise vibrating the body, as is done in many Qigong exercises. Your body can also charge its water from infra red light, which you can get from infra red saunas or simply sunbathing.

Adding more oxygen to your body through breathing exercises will provide more oxygen for the mitochondria to combine with electricity to make your energy. Once your brain has more energy available to it, it will be able to perform all of its functions more powerfully.

#3: Seal Your Membranes
Your brain has a protective series of membranes called the “Blood-Brain Barrier”, which prevents harmful microbes and chemicals from entering the brain from the bloodstream. The integrity of the BBB is critical to a healthy brain free from toxic stressors. Your small intestine has its own membrane barrier, commonly referred to as the “Gut Wall”. This membrane selectively allows nutrients to permeate through from digested food to the blood, and keeps unwanted waste products, undigested foods, and toxins out.

If the Gut Wall is compromised, undigested foods and toxins will enter the bloodstream, which will put extra stress on the BBB as it tries to keep them out of the brain. Eventually this will compromise the BBB and those toxins are unleashed upon the brain, wreaking mental and emotional havoc.

Seal up your gut wall by consuming bone broth, eating easily digested foods, and avoiding eating while stressed. Heal your blood brain barrier by waiting until you are truly hungry to eat. The hormone “Ghrelin” is released to stimulate hunger and it has a healing effect on the BBB.

#4: Take Out The Trash
“Detox” is a bit of a buzz word these days, but still a fundamental process for keeping your body, and brain, functioning optimally. Getting your home tested for mold and your blood tested for heavy metal toxicity will help to identify if you have any serious, though common, neurotoxin exposures.

For everyday detox, there are simple healthy habits you can build into your life. Using a sauna or doing a workout that induces heavy sweating helps clear toxins through the skin. Consistent movement of the body and bowels keeps the lymph, glymph, and liver flushing. Magnesium Citrate is a cheap supplement you can take consistently to help the bowels along if they are slow.

Intermittent fasting gives your body a break from digestion so it can focus on cellular detox (Autophagy). You can simply not eat from 8pm to Noon the next day, one to four times per week to get the benefits of this money-saving and fat-burning detox.

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