5 Reasons to Take the 42-Day Challenge

Are you ready to make yourself and your health a priority? This is the time to put yourself in the driver's seat! With Trilogy Fitness and Wellbeing's 42 Detox Challenge you will have all the tools to make that a reality. Right now we are offering you the chance to complete this challenge and change your life forever.

5 Reasons to Sign Up

  1. The workouts are made to work with you, no matter what level of fitness you are starting from. Haven't stepped into a gym in years? Not a problem. Work out regularly, but looking to step-up your game? Trilogy has the perfect plan for you.
  2. The meal plans are super simple to follow. You won't be stuck in the kitchen for hours on end trying to stick to the healthy diet that has been planned out for you. The meal plan is designed to help you enjoy food, without endless fuss.
  3. Motivation can be a major factor in why people lose interest in sticking to a workout or diet. With Trilogy, you will see results and make friends that will help motivate you to not give up. Trilogy is a community that is ready to welcome you.
  4. The accountability you will receive is one of the best reasons to take this challenge. The Trilogy team is here to support you, but also help you hold yourself accountable for sticking to the 42 Day Detox. If you try to do something new and challenging on your own, there is little reason to see it through the end. We will be with you, though, every step of the way.
  5. The greatest reason to sign up for this detox is the results you will see at the end. You will look better, feel amazing, and be ready to take on new challenges. Trilogy will be here for those goals as well and continue to help you on your health and wellness journey.

Make sure to sign up today!

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