Rising Fitness Trends

If you are wanting to start the year by crossing the "Get Fit" resolution off your list, it is important to know that there are many new trends in the fitness world this year. This year we are seeing fitness aimed at time saving, fat burning, and total body care.  If you have any questions as to which program would work best for you, give us a shout.

Work Out for Wellbeing

Though everybody loves a six pack, working out with the goal of overall wellbeing should be your 2020 goal.  The simple act of any kind of exercise has so many benefits, other than the perfect physique.  What a bonus!  Exercise is a natural mood lifter, can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, strengthen your heart, and make you look good too.  Want to feel younger?  Start moving!  Want to smile more, be more confident, and breathe easier?  Working out could be the key.  (Your own little secret weapon.)

Focus on Quality Movement

Face it, if you were asked what the biggest reason is for skipping workouts, you will undoubtedly say, "Time."  Well, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, the same kind of commitments to job, family, etc.  So why can some of us find time for a workout and some of us can't?  Of course, you have to make fitness your priority, but in addition, you have to focus on quality over quantity movements.  What does that mean, exactly?  Have you ever sacrificed your stance when lifting so you can lift more?  By making each movement count by doing it correctly, you will get the biggest return on your exercise investment.


In 2020, look to see kickboxing move front and center on the exercise podium.  There are so many bennies to kickboxing, but to name a few:

  • Wellbeing....there we go again with wellbeing.  You can relieve that stress and anxiety, get a better night's sleep, gain a whole lot of self confidence
  • Burn fat.  Yowza!  This super workout tones your muscles, makes you sexier, and melts that fat away.  Could you ask for more?
  • Learn some self defense moves.  Doesn't that really add to your feeling of wellbeing?
  • Overall improved health.  As you burn calories and fat, tone muscles, feel better and more confident, you are also going to strengthen your heart, breathe better and have more energy.

Strength Training over Cardio

This is a trend that has been working its way up the fitness ladder, but this year you may see more emphasis on strength training over conventional cardio.  That's not to say that the run on the treadmill isn't still good, but by doing strength training, you are building muscle, which in turn burns more calories even after your head hits the pillow.  The time spent strength training shows faster benefits than that of cardio alone.


HILIT or High-Intensity, Low-Impact Training is just what the acronym stands for.  A kinder, gentler on the joints workout that meets up with a high level of intensity, giving you a boot camp type workout without killing your knees.  Get high payback on your workout time!

Simply said, the workout trends of 2020 are those that give you the most bang for you sweat, while taking care of that body along the way.  Check out our class schedule to see what works best for you.  Or if you have some questions, contact us.

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