Spend Quality Time With Your Partner Boosting Fitness


With so much to get done in our weekly schedules, it's no wonder we barely have time to spend with our significant other, let alone exercise. That being said, we know how important it is to stay healthy so we can enjoy life at its best. Equally, we are very aware of the fact that keeping one of our most important relationships thriving takes genuine bonding time together.

Wouldn't it be great if you could achieve your goals of fitness and closeness at the same time? Here are some ways to achieve both objectives simultaneously:

  • Turn on your favorite dance tunes tonight. Turn down the lights and bust a move. Laugh together and get the heart beating.
  • Try some yoga poses together on the floor. No need for perfection. You'll learn together and enjoy the process.
  • Commit to a twenty-minute walk/run in the morning or evening. The cool exhilarating air and fun togetherness are worth it.
  • Workout together so you can challenge and support each other with counting reps and increasing weight.
  • Sign up for a fitness class using some of that time spent watching Netflix. Not easy, but you'll love the benefits!

Once you start any new activity, it gets easier to do. Soon you'll enjoy the countless conversations arising from your shared experiences. When was the last time you saw stars in the night sky, or a beautiful sunset while holding hands during a brisk walk or run? Have you strutted those great dance moves since dating? It's probably been a while since you giggled in class with your best friend, or witnessed your partner's muscles and limbs in action while attempting yet another yoga position. Rolling on the floor laughing is allowed! If you still need some encouragement, here are some of the rewards you'll gain:

  • Exercising with your significant other deepens your bond, makes you feel happier and sexier and increases attraction.
  • Dance not only improves balance, energy and muscle tone, but it also uplifts mood and strengthens smaller muscle groups and tendons.
  • Yoga enhances flexibility, muscle strength, mindfulness, relaxation, and also benefits the heart.
  • Walking or running promotes heart health, stronger bones, increased insulin resistance and reduced abdominal fat.
  • Weight lifting doesn't just strengthen your muscles and bones but helps prevent heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.
  • Group exercising increases support, accountability, a feeling of camaraderie, personal effort, and releases more endorphins.

The health benefits of love and exercise can't be denied. For additional inspiration, talk with a personal trainer, conditioning coach, or take a class with us.

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