Stay Fit and Festive with 4 Simple Tips for Eating Healthy at Holiday Parties


Have yourself a merry -- and fit -- little Christmas with these 4 Simple Tips for Eating Healthy at Holiday Parties.

Sensible Habits

Many well-meaning fitness enthusiasts try to "save up calories" by eating little or no food leading up to a gathering. This trick is actually a lump of coal in disguise. Starving prior to a party is sure to leave you craving carbs, sweets, and anything else that will fit on a festive, snowflake platter. To keep your metabolism happy and avoid overeating when you arrive, eat small, sensible meals throughout the day.

Cheers to You

When ringing in the new year, be conscious of hidden calories in popular holiday drinks. Alcoholic beverages contain loads of carbs and sugar. Consider sticking with lower calorie drinks or limiting your toasting to two beverages per night. Your 2019 bod will thank you!

Sharing is Caring

Bring your own healthy dish to share with family and friends. If your wellness plan includes a specific diet, such as low carb, vegan, or paleo, homemade treats are especially helpful. There's no need to play the guessing game when it comes to ingredients, calories, or nutritional value. Take advantage of the season to create a holiday twist on an old favorite or try a new dish for an instant classic!

Balancing Act

Gift yourself permission to indulge! Cheat days are an essential part of any wellness routine. Bending the rules for a special holiday cookie or dessert can actually be helpful in preventing a sugar binge later on. Diets that are too restrictive will leave even the most dedicated vulnerable to cravings. Trade extra calories for an extra lap at the gym or commit to taking a strength training class in the new year. A healthy lifestyle is all about choices and trade-offs.

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