Staying Focused on Health During the Holiday Season

As we head into Thanksgiving and the holiday season I wanted to give everyone 3 things that I am focusing on to help me achieve my fitness goals maybe it can help you.

#1 Have a Healthy Breakfast

On the biggest eating day of the year, have a breakfast full of proteins, good fats, and fiber. Studies show that by eating breakfast, people tend to eat fewer calories through out the day. Do your best to watch the sugar intake this week as that will increase the chance of over eating when the time comes. If you do eat some sugar, couple that with some good fats and/or some fiber to slow the absorption into the blood stream and ease the insulin spike.

#2 Get Moving

Get some training in! One way to combat the storage of energy (calories in to fat cells) is to deplete your “battery” by training that day. If you drain the energy stored in your muscles, the food you eat will first go towards replenishing what you lost before being stored as body fat. So, hit the gym.

#3 Give thanks!!

It is, after all, the time of year to get with family, enjoy some good food, and indulge in some delicious drinks.  Do it! Tell your family how much you love them and give thanks for the plentiful food and drink. I would also suggest you try to forgive someone this holiday season, even if it's just yourself for what you're about to add to your dinner plate. If you can have some fun and let go of some guilt or bad energy you’ve been holding on to, it will go long way for you and your fitness goals!

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