The Benefits of the Natural and Nutrient-Rich Garbanzo Bean Flour

At Trilogy, we seek to better the entire body. From the top of your head to the soles of your feet to the soul underneath. As a health-conscious person, you know the importance of what you put in your body but there is such a wealth of foods that can nourish you, just waiting for you to discover them. Today, our spotlight is on garbanzo bean flour and how cooking baked goods with this nutritious substance can better your mind, body and soul.

What is garbanzo bean flour?

Let's start with the basics and flourish outward from there. Garbanzo bean flour is made from ground garbanzo beans, otherwise known as chickpeas. Garbanzo beans are found in most markets and grocery stores either uncooked or canned, both of which are quite affordable.

To make garbanzo bean flour, you must either grind roasted garbanzo beans or raw garbanzo beans. When roasted, these beans can be more flavorful. Garbanzo bean flour can also be purchased from Amazon and other regular grocery stores.

What are the health benefits of garbanzo bean flour?

Garbanzo beans are a staple in Indian cuisine and are a superb vegan source of fiber—which is excellent for your digestion—and protein, as are legumes in general. If you are gluten-free, this flour can be used to replace wheat flour in most recipes. It is quite filling and hearty with the primary ingredient being a legume.

These nutritious beans contain a vast amount of nutrients and vitamins, aside from already being filling, fiber-rich and an excellent source of protein. These include:

Vitamin B6
It's quite the "superfood."

Garbanzo beans, as well as other legumes, can also improve your heart health, as they can help to stabilize your cholesterol and lower hypertension. They assist in clearing your arteries and keeping your blood pressure at a safe level. Also, as opposed to wheat flour, garbanzo bean flour affects your glucose levels less, rather than producing those unpleasant ups and downs.

What are some of the dishes that can be made using garbanzo bean flour?

You may be wondering how best to use your garbanzo bean flour. Well, there are a variety of mouth-watering dishes that you can cook that will satisfy your hunger but will also enrich your mind and spirit. Here are several suggestions to spark your imagination:

Cashew Butter Cookies (Read our recipe here)
Garbanzo bean pancakes
Pizza crust
Homemade garbanzo bean pasta

We highly recommend that you try this nutrient-rich alternative to your regular flour, as you continue your journey to becoming a better you on the inside and out. For more information about Trilogy Fitness and Wellbeing, please visit us here; we will be glad to assist you!

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