Top 5 Fitness Trends According To A SCW MANIA Survey…And How To Take Advantage Of Them At Trilogy


There are numerous ways for people to exercise and stay in shape. So many, in fact, that you could write an encyclopedia dedicated to the various ways people like to tune their bodies. As with most things numerous and diverse, there are trends that warm up and catch widespread attention from time to time. The world of fitness is no different. According to an SCW MANIA survey, these five areas are the current most popular trends. If you haven't given them much thought before, they may be worth looking into. After all, there's almost always something you can do keep yourself pushing towards greater health.

1. Functional Fitness

Essentially, this is a method used to adjust the body to function optimally in everyday circumstances. It stems from practices in physical rehabilitation, and often involves training with bands, balls, free-weights, and plyometric exercise. It's a capable method for maintaining healthy, everyday fitness.

Functional Fitness is at the core of Trilogy's methodologies. The desire to maximize performance and decrease injuries lays the foundation. We believe that Functional Fitness is the key to helping you live your best life.

2. Active Aging

More and more, people are committed to remaining fit and active as they grow older. It's an individualized approach that takes a person's relative age and physical condition into account. Working to assess the individual needs of a person makes it easier to develop an effective and comprehensive plan.

3. Nutrition

An important, but less than well-understood topic, nutrition seems to be rising higher into the public consciousness. Nutrients are essential for living a full and healthy life, yet sadly many do not get what they need or fully understand the subject. Knowing what you need and how to get it is a lesson well worth learning.

Imagine your nutrition as the fuel for your body and mind. Want to operate at your highest capacity? Fuel yourself well, and you may be surprised by the results!

4. Strength Training

As the name implies, this method is all about increasing muscle mass, bone density, and physical strength. There are many advantages to this including improved blood pressure, heart health, and cholesterol levels. Strength is one of the Trilogy pillars, and we love helping our clients build strength along their fitness journey!

5. Personal Training

Working with a professional to set fitness goals has many benefits. A personal trainer can help personalize your fitness journey to your needs and can help keep you accountable along the way. It takes a team to make the dream possible! Seeking help is a great way to learn and work effectively together to achieve better fitness for a healthier life.

At Trilogy Fitness and Wellbeing Center, we're here to help you achieve better health and wellness for a fuller, happier life. Visit us here to learn more and take a look at our class schedule to join us soon!

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