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Trilogy is a family-owned business–the result of a lifelong dream to drive their family’s destiny in pursuit of helping others. Having embraced fitness as a constant and essential part of their lives, this family has experienced firsthand how fitness can improve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. They believe that a commitment to health, as well as the family’s extensive corporate and private business backgrounds, have prepared them to share this commitment with others in the form of a fitness and wellbeing center.

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We have the best in the business—trainers, wellness practitioners, exercise instructors, educators, administrative, and support—we’ve got it covered!

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Trilogy Trainers


BEN Trapp

Strength and Conditioning Coach - CFSC, ACE, NASM, USAW, CrossFit level 1, ZUU
Ben’s been in the Strength and Conditioning industry since 2004 and has experience working with people of almost every imaginable background, fitness level and age range. If you ask Ben about his opinion of the fitness industry, he’ll tell you that it’s full of fads and fancy bells and whistles that just don't work. Ben seeks to filter out the extraneous noise and help his clients get strong and fit in a way that allows them to achieve a better version of themselves – at every stage of life.

Michelle Navarro

Personal Trainer - CPFT Nesta
Michelle's favorite workout is HIIT style training! She is motivated by overcoming her own personal health struggles and being/setting a good example for her kids. For her a healthy life means balance in all aspects of her mind, body, and spirit. Having all three in sync helps Michelle maintain a healthy lifestyle. She has 4 children, 2 dogs and is an active member in her church.

Travis Smith

Personal Trainer - M.A. Kinesiology w/emphasis in Exercise Physiology, C.S.C.S., F.M.S.-Lvl 1
Travis has been training clients of all age ranges since 2006. He tailors each of his clients sessions to find the most efficient method to train any individual. When he isn’t at the gym, he loves to cook and fish. Sport fishing has been a big part of his family life since childhood. He lives with his family in Morgan Hill.

Jason Lane

Personal Trainer - NASM, USAW L1, CFSC L1, CrossFit L1, L2
Jason has 15 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach. He is motivated by his two kids and helping people achieve goals they didn't think they were capable of. His favorite exercise is the squat and his favorite piece of equipment is the kettlebell. If he's not in the gym training you can find him enjoying time with his kids and fur kids, playing disc golf, or playing music!
jeremyNew copy

Jeremy Montesano

Personal Trainer - NPTI Graduate, NETA, CFSC L1, L2, CrossFit L1, FMS L1, L2, Z-Health Essentials, Z-Health R-Phase
A lifelong athlete, Jeremy brings 5 years of training experience to life by placing a priority on maintaining healthy living practices. Jeremy draws inspiration from both the training staff and members here at Trilogy Fitness. You want to improve yourself? Workout with Jeremy. You want to have a fun experience at the gym? Workout with Jeremy!

TYLER Ippoliti

Personal Trainer - NASM CPT, TRX, Crossfit Level 1, FRC ms, HLC 1
Tyler is a real renaissance man who listens to his body and responds with whatever it’s calling for – from heavy lifting to Qigong to self-myofascial relief and functional range conditioning. His priority is helping his clients maintain a healthy life and spends the majority of his time and energy on deepening his understanding of himself so he can set a good example.
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Andrew Price

Personal Trainer - NPTA
Andrew has 5 years experience in personal training, self defense and sports nutrition. His favorite workouts are boxing, shoulder presses, bicep curls, and outdoor sports. Andrew enjoys spending time with his family and if he wasn't a trainer he would be in some sort of sales role, probably at a gym!

Independent Trainers


Sierra Wynn

Personal Trainer - B.S. in Kinesiology from CalPoly, D1 All-American Soccer Player, NASM, TRX, and Zuu
Sierra has 11 years of fitness training experience and is motivated by her baby, West to be a strong, fit mom. Her favorite workout is anything that gets the heart pumping paired with a playlist with lots of bass! Her family is made up of her husband, baby and two dogs.

Sergio Maldonado

Personal Trainer - B.S. Business Management/Kinesiology, San Jose State University; Certified Personal Trainer, NASM, EXOS Performance Therapy Mentorship (2017), ACE Pre/Post Natal Certified, International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) Certification, Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Strong First Girya Level 1 (SFG), Strong First Bodyweight (SFB), Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certified, CrossFit Level 1 Coach, Athletes Performance Mentorship-Phase 1, CPT American College of Sports
Sergio has 11 years of experience starting at the YMCA in 2007. Sergio loves all workouts but thrives in group or partner training, working off each other's energy. He uses physical challenges, like Spartan races, to keep him motivated, while listening to a combination of EDM, alternative rock, and 90's rap. Sergio's wife is his life coach, and he strives to be as happy as his two dogs. While Sergio has years of experience helping others better their bodies, he is always looking to learn and acquire new skills himself.

Movement Instructors


Nick Loffree

Qigong | Tai Chi | Yoga | Meditation
Nick Loffree is a mindful movement and self-healing coach. He helps people access optimal health, more energy, higher performance, and better relationships through his videos, coaching, classes, and events. Nick specializes in bio-energetic movement practices including Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation, which he integrates in a modernized, fun, and practical method. He helps students access their ability to heal themselves, recover faster after workouts, and achieve effortless power in mind and body.



DINO Del Mastro, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic, BSEd
Dr. Del Mastro began his journey in the health and fitness industry at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he moved west to pursue his Doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose. Dino’s excited to be a part of the Trilogy team which he knows will help him continue learning and growing in his professional career so that he can help clients reach their full potential. Upon graduation Dino had the opportunity to pursue his professional dream of helping injured athletes by serving two seasons as an associate Chiropractor helping the San Jose State football team and other athletes on site at San Jose State University’s Athletic Training facility. In addition to working with athletes, Dino serves as a Master Instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He travels both domestically and internationally every month teaching continuing education to other health and fitness professionals. Dino has been practicing in Los Gatos since 2011. Dino’s excited to be a part of the Trilogy team which he knows will help him continue learning and growing in his professional career so that he can help clients reach their full potential.

Olivia Hill, ATC

B.S. Athletic Training
A Bay Area transplant, Olivia graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Athletic Training in 2014, and is a Certified Athletic Trainer.  While in school she worked with many athletic programs at both the high school and collegiate level, but found that her true passion was working in a more non-traditional clinic setting focusing on patient rehabilitation. Olivia understands the importance of treating the patient, and not treating the symptoms, and uses her vast knowledge of Exercise Prescription when designing a rehabilitation program for each patient. When Olivia is not in the office you can find her spending time with family and friends, with her nose buried in a suspense novel, or lifting all the weight at local gyms in the area.

NAJET Raffoul

Massage Therapist, B.S., A.B.
Najet Raffoul has been a certified massage therapist since 2006. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology/Movement Science from San Jose State University as well as numerous certifications in a variety of massage modalities. She has gained over 1,000 hours of massage training and in addition has experience in sports medicine, corrective exercise, and posture restoration. She is passionate about the human body and is dedicated to proving a safe and supportive space to facilitate healing. Najet’s focus of interest include acute and chronic pain management, sports related injuries, and mindful education. certifications include: Deep Tissue, Sports, Clinical and Neuromuscular Massage therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Technique, Myofascial Release, Functional Range Release for the neck and spine, FMS, PNF Stretching, Cupping Therapy, and RockTape. Her specialities include: low back pain, TMJ dysfunction, sciatica, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, knee pain, hip pain, restrictions in mobility, and posture.




US Squash Certified Coaches, Directors of HISA
HISA is primarily run by international Squash Professional Muhammad Waseem Ul Haq, who has an extraordinary track record as a student and squash player. He had risen among the top 14 professional players of Pakistan in late 1990s when the squash legend Jansher Khan was number 1 not only in Pakistan, but also in the world. Haq attained the highest world ranking of 131 while working as design engineer in a multinational engineering company. Under his captaincy the Punjab squash team achieved the historic silver medal in 1998 National games in Pakistan.



Alli & Christine

Lagree LG Owners
The Lagree Method is a multi-faceted workout that combines resistance training and cardio into one comprehensive, balanced system to strengthen, tighten, and tone your whole body, in just 45-minutes, on just one machine. You will sweat, you will shake and you will burn between 500-800 calories per session! Slow controlled movements on the cutting edge Megaformer machine allow for peak muscle contraction while reducing the stress on the joints and the connective tissue. You will stimulate nearly all your muscles to complete fatigue in each session, which creates longer and leaner muscles.

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