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Top 10 Ways to Eat Healthy Every Day

September 12, 2018

Whether you are dieting to lose weight or changing your food choices to improve your health, making change isn’t always easy. Experts say that we have to stay with a change for at least 28 days to make it “stick.” Here are 10 ways to make your new food habits […]

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Benefits of Putting Your Legs Up On the Wall

September 9, 2018

There are many benefits to incorporating yoga poses into your training regimen, including flexibility, strengthening, and relieving muscle tightness. There is one yoga pose, with different variations, that can give you many benefits when done often. That pose is “legs up the wall” or Viparita Karani. Benefits of Legs Up […]

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Protein and Fitness at Trilogy in Los Gatos

September 2, 2018

Consuming protein and fitness training go hand in hand. Protein is one of the main bases for a healthy, functioning body. It aids in gaining muscle, losing weight, and maintaining your overall health. There are 3 main kinds of protein that will aid in your fitness journey. Pea Protein This […]

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Experts Take the Benefits of Laughter Seriously

August 29, 2018

“The arrival of a good clown into a village does more for its health than 20 asses laden with drugs,” observed Thomas Sydenham, a seventeenth century British physician, who may have been the first doctor to recommend laughter as the best medicine. Nowadays, not only is it common knowledge that […]

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Connecting the Dots: Diet, Fitness, and Overall Health

August 26, 2018

There are a lot of crazy different diet and exercise programs out there to choose from, it can be utterly overwhelming. It is difficult to know which one will work best for you, and which ones are truly the most beneficial to your health. It is important to know what […]

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Qi: Your Vital Energy

August 22, 2018

You may have seen that we offer Qigong classes at Trilogy, but what the heck is Qigong? Our resident instructor Nick Loffree explains: Qigong is a broad category of movement practices developed mainly in China over thousands of years by martial artists, monks, soldiers, generals, shamans, doctors, hermits, and wanderers. Qi (pronounced CHEE) means “Vital […]

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3 Stunning Fitness Facts that will Supercharge your Motivation

August 14, 2018

It’s not always easy to muster up the motivation to get fit. Even if you want it, it’s tough to actualize those feelings when you just jump right into things. So in an effort to help you gain the confidence, knowledge, and drive to succeed, here’s three stunning fitness facts […]

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Functional Fitness Training

August 5, 2018

What kind of activities does your life consist of? Perhaps you are a software engineer who enjoys playing a round of golf on the weekends? Perhaps you stay at home raising your three children. Maybe you’re retired and have the desire to pick up a new hobby or simply just […]

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Three Ways to Get and Stay Active

August 2, 2018

Most people want to get physically fit, but they aren’t sure where to start. Just like anything, the hardest part is the first step. However, getting the motivation to stick with an exercise has never been easier. Here are three ways to get active today and to increase your motivation […]

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How to Care for Yourself During Difficult Times

July 22, 2018

We all go through challenges at various points in life—whether it’s a health crisis, the end of a relationship, job loss, financial difficulties or the death of a loved one. To cope with such difficult times, self-care is vital. Especially during these times, the statements below are powerful affirmations we […]

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