What We Can Learn from Trees: The Importance of Letting Go

Autumn is upon us and, even in sunny California, it's the season of change and new beginnings. The leaves are falling and there's a lot we can learn from trees. Trilogy Fitness and Wellbeing wants to inspire our Los Gatos gym family to start living their best lives now.

Explore the art of letting go -- as told by a tree.

Deciding to Move On

Change does not occur without intent. Nature shows us that small steps can lead to big growth. From the tiniest leaf to the first patter of rain, every new season begins with a conscious evolution towards a brighter future. Acknowledging the power of our own choices enables us to set goals. Make a decision to let go of whatever stress, worries, and pain you may be holding onto. This will allow you to start fresh with a health and wellness routine that won't be self-sabotaged by doubts or anxieties.

Expression and Freedom

The only way to overcome negative emotions, thoughts, and energy is to give these feelings time to breathe. Think of this as a healthy way of venting! We can't let go when the anxieties of yesterday are keeping us down. Taking our frustrations, anger, and pain out in a constructive environment is one of the best self-healing techniques we can employ. 

Use that pent up negative energy for positive motivations with strength training, boxing, life force movement, squash, and more class offerings! Fitness is a great way to unburden and empower you to let go of whatever is holding you back.

It Takes a Community

Trees grow best surrounded by forests of healthy soil and plenty of sunshine. Joining an amazing community can keep you accountable and motivated. At Trilogy, we pride ourselves on fostering positivity. This is key when it comes to overcoming mental roadblocks. Self-doubt is crippling and can prevent you from achieving your goals.

Our gym family is here to help you meet every challenge this next journey throws your way. Let go of yesterday and embrace the exciting new hurdles of tomorrow!

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