Why You Should Focus on Core Strength in Addition to Cardio and Weight Training

It's a common misconception that your core is primarily just your abs. While your core includes your abs, it's much more than that. In fact, your core is the entire center of your body, including your back, hips, and chest. Your core is responsible for stabilizing your body through every movement and provides balance, which can be incorporated in your cardio and weight training exercises.

Provide Balance and Stability

Core strength exercises are designed to train the muscles of your lower back, hips, abdomen, and pelvis areas. When they work effectively together, you achieve better balance and stability for all daily cardio and weight training activities. When your core is strong, your muscles will better support your body, which makes you less likely to be injured and minimizes the stain on your joints and muscles.

Improve Sports Performance

Do you enjoy running long distances or rigorous weight lifting? Whether you're interested in high levels of activity or more laid back sports, increasing your core strength will improve your performance. When you're constantly bending, lifting, and twisting, your core is working the entire time. Keeping up with your core strength will ensure you never miss a beat playing your favorite sports or cause issues while lifting heavy weights.

Reach Your Fitness Goals More Easily

A strong core can offer you many health benefits, including improved stability and balance, sports performance and generall strength. Whatever fitness level you might be at or what your goals are, you’ll find that developing greater core strength makes reaching your personal milestones obtainable.

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